Case Study

Helping a Global FMCG Company Find Their Next CFO

Executive Search

This search was for reputed FMCG client – IFFCO – headquartered in Dubai. They have a solid product line and a well-spread business in MENA. They were looking forward to onboard an experienced CFO with in-depth FMCG business understanding as well as experience in multi-country financial operations to implement international accounting standards. They wanted a leader who can manage diverse teams as well.


An intensive global search for a well-established CFO coming with multi-country and multi-industry experience. Important criteria were:

  • Understands FMCG, distribution, and logistics
  • Someone with experience in manufacturing as well as sales & distribution domain. Ideally, candidates would specialise on either side.
  • Someone who has worked in global environments and in MNCs.
  • Studied at premier institutes as well as CA (Equivalent Education) in first attempt.
  • Well versed with international finance standards.
  • Must have managed diverse and multi-geography teams.

Our Solution

Seintiv took this project on as an exclusive mandate, pledging a faster and focused delivery with a 30% cost-effective approach compared to other players in the market. The project unfolded in two distinct phases:

  • Fast Track Heat Mapping: Mapped FMCG players in EU, MENA, and SEA using conventional methods to establish a foundational understanding.
    Innovative Approach: Collaborated with Seintiv’s industry experts to define an ideal finance talent profile. Focused on specific organizations, emphasising international exposure and multi-country operations.
    Detailed Conversations and Cultural Understanding: Engaged in thorough discussions with the research team to grasp FMCG nuances and culture. Pursued passive candidates proactively for a unique profile.
    Zeroing-in on Ideal Candidates: Identified two candidates from Asia and India with FMCG and Pharma experience across SEA and MENA. Highlighted a candidate with finance leadership across 16 countries, showcasing broad multi-industry exposure, adaptability across cultures, and unique insights from a startup/unicorn background. Multi-country experience emphasised cultural alignment in diverse environments.

Results Achieved

45% Faster Turnaround Time Than Other Global Search Firms

Presented a long list of qualified candidates within 3 weeks, reducing the TAT by 45%.

Efficient 6-Week Closures

Achieved swift closures within 6 weeks, demonstrating efficiency in the selection and decision-making process due to pre-alignment with the client in the discovery phase of the assignment.

Cost-Efficient Hiring with 30% Reduction

Realised a substantial 30% reduction in hiring costs, showcasing Seintiv's commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions.

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