Case Study

Compensation Benchmarking and Talent Matrix for a US-Based Hospitality Company Entering the UAE and GCC Market

Compensation Benchmarking

Discovery Land Company (DLC), a premier US-based hospitality firm was venturing into the UAE & GCC market. Renowned for developing upscale housing and leisure communities, DLC partnered with Seintiv to conduct a comprehensive research and study with two primary objectives: outlining the strategic approach taken to navigate the complexities of compensation benchmarking for 70+ roles, and creating a Talent Availability Index with analytics in the dynamic GCC market.


  • Generate a compensation structures benchmarking report for over 70 roles within the hospitality sector.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of benefits tailored to specific job families and categories.
  • Map and evaluate benefits offered by competitors to gain insights into industry standards and practices.
  • Analyse talent availability in the GCC market and formulate strategies for effective talent attraction within the hospitality sector.

Our Solution

  • Divided the roles into 15 distinct job families to ensure a nuanced understanding of compensation structures.
  • Gathered additional data on talent availability across the region, categorised by nationalities, offering valuable insights into the diversity and availability of skilled professionals.
  • Conducted primary research by interviewing over 700 candidates, ensuring a firsthand understanding of market dynamics.
  • Leveraged secondary research from reputable sources, including Big4, MBB firms, and various independent surveys, to validate and enrich primary findings.
  • Benchmarked against 9 targeted competitors and additionally mapped over 70 possible competitors in the hospitality and landscaping segment.
  • Mapped talent from 72 different nationalities, providing a comprehensive view of diversity within the talent pool across roles and responsibilities.

Results Achieved

Completed Project at a 25% Lower Cost Compared to Industry Competition

Achieved a remarkable cost reduction, showcasing Seintiv's commitment to delivering value.

Completed 700+ Interviews in 7 Weeks

Demonstrating the efficiency and agility in Seintiv's project management compared to bigger, less agile players in the market.

Earned Client Appreciation for Qualitative Insights

Delivered qualitative and analytical inputs through comprehensive research data and a well-crafted report.

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