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Your Career Journey with Seintiv

Building your power profile

1. Discovering You

2. Personal Branding

3. Professional Networking

4. Executive Coaching

5. Interview Preparation

Seintiv will help you choose and connect with your coach based on your next dream role.
  • Identifying your career roadblocks.
  • Dedicated coach as your sounding board.
  • Developing your career strategy.
  • Providing expert guidance to ensure your learning and growth during the process.
Your personal brand is important to us.
  • Rebuilding online image with an impactful LinkedIn profile.
  • Helping you publish relevant content showcasing your expertise.
  • Growing followers and audience for global outreach.
  • Inviting you to the Seintiv talk show.
With our global outreach and deep industry expertise, we are your trusted advisor in growing your network.
  • Enhance your career prospects by building relevant connections in your target organisations.
  • We will build your SEO-enriched leadership profile or social media.
  • Develop your executive bio to make it more attractive for recruiters.
Our expert coaches will help you develop your personality, interview skills, and bring out your strengths to ace the selection process.
  • Free discovery call with our coaches.
  • Giving you our expert advice that will help you navigate your career.
  • Assessing your strengths and gaps to develop your IDP.
  • Providing tools and techniques for mental well-being.
  • Access to the coach network.
  • Career transition advice.
We help you nail your interview.
  • Interview coaching and expert tips.
  • Mock interview drills with our expert coaches.
  • Preparing you for global interviews.
  • Offer negotiation tips and post-selection guidance.

Did You Know?

Just by following the first 2 steps of our process, you are 50% better prepared to navigate career challenges nail your interview stand out as top talent grow your career compared to the general candidate pool

What Makes Seintiv Career Advice Different?

Career development can be intimidating and challenging on the best of days, whether you are new to the industry or are just transitioning across roles. No one understands this better than us!

At times like these, you cannot afford trial and error with cookie-cutter approaches. That’s why we focus on getting it right the first time. We work closely with you to tailor and develop the exact coaching package you need, so you can:

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