Case Study

Helping a $5B Global Retail Conglomerate Attract and Retain Millennials and Existing Employees

Talent Attraction Strategy

A $5 billion global retail conglomerate with over 1000 stores, mega warehouses, and a presence in multiple countries was having difficulties not only attracting but also retaining millennials. In addition, they also wanted to enhance their overall employee experience for their existing workforce.


  • Competency Modeling Overhaul: detailed assessments and customised job descriptions crafted for distinct sectors – retail, logistics, consumer services, and consulting organisations.
  • Tackling Attrition Challenges: addressing the organisation’s struggle in attracting and retaining millennials and existing employees.
  • New Employee Value Proposition (EVP): This was to ensure a more modernized and relevant EVP framework was discovered and put in place

Our Solution

  • Seintiv consultants conducted a thorough review of the existing EVP framework and competency model. Initiated a comprehensive updating exercise to align with current industry standards.
  • The updated competency framework was internally socialised, ensuring a collective understanding across the organisation.
  • Seamlessly integrated the refined competency framework with the overarching talent acquisition strategy.
  • Numerous EVP discovery workshops were conducted with diverse leadership and talent groups including millennial specific ones.

Results Achieved

Remarkable 60% Talent Attraction Surge

Achieved an impressive 60% increase in talent attraction, indicating a significant improvement in the organisation's appeal to prospective employees.

40% Attrition Reduction

Witnessed an outstanding 40% decline in attrition within the initial year, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in retaining existing talent.

Cost-Efficient Hiring

Successfully reduced hiring costs, demonstrating a more streamlined and cost-effective talent acquisition process.

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