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How Seintiv Came About

Seintiv is a Global Talent Advisory Firm born in the US with its current HQ in Dubai, UAE. It was founded by senior industry HR and business leaders who spotted a constant gap in how every consulting firm took a siloed approach in resolving talent issues for their clients.

The Seintiv founders decided to resolve this matter, which every client feels pinched on, by designing a unique Talent Lifecycle Management (TLCM) business solution model.

We understand that the talent funnel is connected and no solution can be standalone. One needs to take an integrated approach for sustained impact. The reason behind Seintiv’s phenomenal success is exactly this. We solve our client’s talent problems by taking a big picture approach, while narrowing down on the client needs whether it is hiring a leader, setting up an EVP or developing a performance management framework.

We currently service 50+ clients across several different industries and countries.

Industries We Specialise In

Technology and Consulting

Banking and Asset Management

Retail and Real Estate

Consumer Durable Goods


⁠⁠SME Specialists

and more…

Seintiv Core Values

Our values stand at the very heart of every business interaction and how we work together as a team which cares for each other and our clients.

Client Success
Passion & Innovation
Commitment to Collaboration
Transparency & Communication
Seintiv’s global expertise provides a new lens on how organisations and people should look at talent in the age of change.

The Seintiv Ethos

The Seintiv Ethos helps tackle top business problems head on.

Global Expertise

Deep international talent footprint and coverage. We bring decades of experience of backing businesses to build powerful people strategies with an obsession for client service and success.

Passion and Innovation

Client success drives our passion. We operate with high integrity and value your budget while innovating and constantly challenging ourselves to think laterally.

Our Partnerships and Collaboration​

Seintiv’s Global Partnerships ensure we stay current on our Talent Solutions for any part of the world, and we can infuse global best practices in our talent advisory.

Our Relationships and Communication​

We believe in client collaboration, transparent data, and right communication to create tangible success.

We Are Different​

Our people, our values and our behaviors stand out in our approach. Client focused delivery, relationships, Integrity, with our clients, candidates and colleagues is of top most priority.

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Our Leadership

Seintiv’s Global Advisory Board ensures that we stay current on our talent solutions for any part of the world, and we can infuse global best practices in our talent advisory. Our first priority is to provide the most effective responses to our clients toughest talent issues in the most rapid and cost effective way.

Your search for a reliable talent partner ends here.

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