Case Study

Fostering Team Collaboration and Resolving Conflicts for a Fortune 500 FMCG Giant

Team Development

This case study sheds light on the challenges faced and the effective strategies employed to foster team collaboration and resolve conflicts at a Fortune 500 FMCG giant.


  • Reinforce trust and communication between two inter-departmental teams.
  • Enhance both teams’ performance.

Our Solution

  • Implemented a 3-day program in collaboration with the functional heads and HR head.
  • This experiential learning program was used along with fireside chats.

Results Achieved

21% Surge in People Engagement

Transformed team dynamics through strengthened collaboration via outdoor activities, fostering heightened team cohesion and communication.

10% Attrition Reduction, 7% Production Increase

Successfully reduced attrition rates while simultaneously achieving a remarkable boost in overall production.

Innovative Recruitment Strategy

Introduced a joint recruitment approach, enhancing productivity and contributing to cost reduction by strategically aligning team resources.

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