Case Study

Equipping a Large Management Consulting Firm's Managers with Advanced Problem-Solving and Leadership Skills

Leadership Development

This case study examines the dynamic strategies employed in navigating corporate challenges at a large management consulting firm. The primary challenge was in helping embed the capability to come up with solutions to complex challenges in the firm’s leadership and middle management.


  • Leadership skill enhancement: cultivate and enhance robust leadership skills among mid-level managers.
  • Problem-solving proficiency: equip managers with advanced problem-solving skills to effectively tackle and overcome complex business challenges.

Our Solution

  • Collaborative experiential learning program: teamed up with the client’s L&D and HR team. Successfully implemented an experiential learning program focused on enhancing the leadership capabilities of mid-level management.
  • Hands-on experiences and simulations: designed the program to offer practical, hands-on experiences. Utilised simulations and real-world scenarios to allow participants to apply leadership principles in dynamic and challenging environments.

Results Achieved

Enhanced Leadership Skills and Problem-Solving

Participants successfully addressed simulated business challenges, proposing innovative solutions that were later implemented. Feedback and self-reflection demonstrated significant improvements in leadership competencies, evident in enhanced performance evaluations.

Strengthened Team Collaboration and Tangible Business Impact

Outdoor retreats and team-building activities fostered increased team cohesion and communication. Action learning projects yielded measurable improvements in key performance indicators, reducing project meeting times by 30%, increasing team productivity by 25%, and improving Team Engagement scores on clarity of vision (to 65%) and engagement with clients (to 82%).

Elevated Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT scores experienced a substantial increase, rising from 7.5 to an impressive 9.2 out of 10, underlining the tangible and positive impact of the leadership expedition on customer satisfaction.

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