Case Study

Helping a Facilities Management Company Achieve Their 10x Growth Vision

Talent Management

ABC Facilities Services, a major Facility Management Company, is looking for a remarkable 10x expansion and envisions a transformation to achieve this milestone. At the heart of their operation are their 22,000 employees spanning various locations and industries. They partnered with Seintiv to provide a comprehensive revamp of their current skills and capabilities to align with global standards of excellence and fulfill the business vision for growth and customer satisfaction.


  • Grow the company 10x in 5 years.
  • Give their 22,000-strong team a skills makeover.
  • Match global excellence standards and meet the demands of their growing business and customers.

Our Solution

  • Revamped HR processes for quick job description updates, improving hiring, training, performance, and succession planning.
  • Accelerated adaptability to changing role expectations.
  • Identified individuals for skill, technique, tool, and behavioural attribute upgrades.
  • Collaborated closely with HR and Leadership to align outcomes with Individual Development Plans (IDP).
  • Identified gaps for future successors.
  • Streamlined adaptability for career transitions and growth phases.

Results Achieved

Revolutionised HR for Global Excellence

Overhauled internal HR operations and systems to meet and exceed global benchmarks, ensuring a competitive edge in the industry.

Strategic Alignment with HRMS: A 35% Cost Win

Implemented internal process updates and seamlessly aligned them with HRMS, resulting in an impressive 35% reduction in overall HR costs.

20% Increase in Customer Delight

Optimised skill allocation to match job requirements, leading to a remarkable 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores and more efficient resource allocation.

Want a similar transformation and growth roadmap for groundbreaking results?

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