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Case Study

Helping a Retail Conglomerate Find their CEO to Setup a New Logistics Business

This was a search for a renowned retail conglomerate client based in Dubai, with a large workforce of over 35,000 people. The company aimed to appoint a CEO entrusted with the task of strategizing, conceptualising, and launching the logistics business in the MENA region. With the legacy of the organisation acting as a cornerstone, the unique selling points included substantial funds and a stellar reputation, designed to attract top-tier talent. However, the distinctive challenge lay in recruiting a leader for a non-existent business, a role that might not attract leaders in settled positions. Seintiv set out to identify a leader for this entrepreneurial venture, seeking an individual with daring vision, boundless energy, and the spirit to pioneer in an established yet entrepreneurial, family-driven set-up.


Conduct a global search for a dynamic CEO with a well-established background in the logistics sector, boasting a solid pedigree, meeting the following set criteria:

  • Comprehensive logistics knowledge, blending strategy and operations.
  • Leader skilled in adapting to new business challenges.
  • Evaluate familiarity with MNC norms, global standards, and startup challenges.
  • Emphasise candidates from premier institutes with strong academic backgrounds.
  • Track record in managing diverse, multi-geography teams.

Our Solution

The primary challenge lay in the absence of historical data to outline a candidate profile. Using Seintiv Executive Profiling (SEP) Methodology, we conducted:

  • Talent Heat Mapping: Established understanding of key global industry players.
  • Industry Mapping: Identified potential candidates with similar expertise.
  • Domain Fitment Conversations: Delved into industry-specific requirements with industry experts.
  • Cultural Fitment Assessment: Interviewed and filtered candidates for cultural and leadership fit.
  • Talent Focus: Targeted logistics talent from Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Korea.
  • Expert Alignment: Engaged Seintiv’s industry experts to align candidate expectations proactively.

Results Achieved

2 Week Profile Outlining

Produced a comprehensive long list within 2 weeks, clearly outlining the profiles for the CEO role.

Efficient 9-Week Completion

Completed the CEO search in just 9 weeks, including international relocation considerations to UAE.

Cost Savings of 33%

Delivered the project with a significant cost-saving of approximately 33% compared to close competitors, showcasing Seintiv's commitment to cost-effective solutions.

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Case Study

Helping a Global FMCG Company Find Their Next CFO

This search was for reputed FMCG client – IFFCO with HQ in Dubai. They have a solid product line & a well-spread business in MENA. They were looking forward to onboard an experienced CFO with in-depth FMCG business understanding as well as experience in multi-country financial operations to implement international accounting standards. They wanted a leader who can manage diverse teams as well.


An intensive global search for a well-established CFO coming with multi-country & multi-industry experience. Important criteria were:

  • Understands FMCG, distribution & logistics
  • Someone with experience in manufacturing as well as sales & distribution domain. Ideally, candidates would specialise on either side.
  • Someone who has worked in global environments & in MNCs.
  • Studied at premier institutes as well as CA (Equivalent Education) in first attempt.
  • Well versed with international finance standards.
  • Must have managed diverse & multi-geography teams.

Our Solution

Seintiv took this project on as an exclusive mandate, pledging a faster and focused delivery with a 30% cost-effective approach compared to other players in the market. The project unfolded in two distinct phases:

  • Fast Track Heat Mapping: Mapped FMCG players in EU, MENA, and SEA using conventional methods to establish a foundational understanding.
    Innovative Approach: Collaborated with Seintiv’s industry experts to define an ideal finance talent profile. Focused on specific organizations, emphasising international exposure and multi-country operations.
    Detailed Conversations and Cultural Understanding: Engaged in thorough discussions with the research team to grasp FMCG nuances and culture. Pursued passive candidates proactively for a unique profile.
    Zeroing-in on Ideal Candidates: Identified two candidates from Asia and India with FMCG and Pharma experience across SEA and MENA. Highlighted a candidate with finance leadership across 16 countries, showcasing broad multi-industry exposure, adaptability across cultures, and unique insights from a startup/unicorn background. Multi-country experience emphasised cultural alignment in diverse environments.

Results Achieved

45% Faster Turnaround Time Than Other Global Search Firms

Presented a long list of qualified candidates within 3 weeks, reducing the TAT by 45%.

Efficient 6-Week Closures

Achieved swift closures within 6 weeks, demonstrating efficiency in the selection and decision-making process due to pre-alignment with the client in the discovery phase of the assignment.

Cost-Efficient Hiring with 30% Reduction

Realised a substantial 30% reduction in hiring costs, showcasing Seintiv's commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions.

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Case Study

Compensation Benchmarking & Talent Matrix: a Study for a US-Based Hospitality Company Entering the UAE & GCC Market

Discovery Land Company (DLC), a premier US-based hospitality firm was venturing into the UAE & GCC market. Renowned for developing upscale housing and leisure communities, DLC partnered with Seintiv to conduct a comprehensive research and study with two primary objectives: outlining the strategic approach taken to navigate the complexities of compensation benchmarking for 70+ roles, and creating a Talent Availability Index with analytics in the dynamic GCC market.


  • Generate a compensation structures benchmarking report for over 70 roles within the hospitality sector.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of benefits tailored to specific job families and categories.
  • Map and evaluate benefits offered by competitors to gain insights into industry standards and practices.
  • Analyse talent availability in the GCC market and formulate strategies for effective talent attraction within the hospitality sector.

Our Solution

  • Divided the roles into 15 distinct job families to ensure a nuanced understanding of compensation structures.
  • Gathered additional data on talent availability across the region, categorised by nationalities, offering valuable insights into the diversity and availability of skilled professionals.
  • Conducted primary research by interviewing over 700 candidates, ensuring a firsthand understanding of market dynamics.
  • Leveraged secondary research from reputable sources, including Big4, MBB firms, and various independent surveys, to validate and enrich primary findings.
  • Benchmarked against 9 targeted competitors and additionally mapped over 70 possible competitors in the hospitality and landscaping segment.
  • Mapped talent from 72 different nationalities, providing a comprehensive view of diversity within the talent pool across roles and responsibilities.

Results Achieved

Completed Project at a 25% Lower Cost Compared to Industry Competition

Achieved a remarkable cost reduction, showcasing Seintiv's commitment to delivering value.

Completed 700+ Interviews in 7 Weeks

Demonstrating the efficiency and agility in Seintiv's project management compared to bigger, less agile players in the market.

Earned Client Appreciation for Qualitative Insights

Delivered qualitative and analytical inputs through comprehensive research data and a well-crafted report.

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Case Study

Retention Strategy Framework - FMCG (KSA, UAE)

Seintiv was tasked with helping a Fortune 500 FMCG Giant and Tech Services client to create the strategic framework enhancing employee retention within the dynamic markets of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This case study unveils the challenges faced and the innovative solutions employed to cultivate a robust retention strategy in a fast-paced industry.


  • Improve employee engagement: to create a more vibrant and satisfying work environment.
  • Mitigate attrition rates: by implementing effective engagement strategies and fostering a culture that promotes employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Solution

  • Seintiv’s team initiated a holistic plan encompassing the design and strategy to reinforce the business mission, vision, values, and individual goals.
  • Executed interventions in various formats to resonate effectively with employees, ensuring alignment with the overall business strategy.

Results Achieved

80% Mental Health and Wellbeing Improvement

Witnessed a remarkable improvement from 63% to 80%, indicating a substantial boost in employee wellbeing.

50% Attrition Reduction in Retail Sales Force

Strategic interventions in KSA and UAE slashed the attrition rate from over 90% to an impressive 50%.

15-20% Annual Bottom-line Cost Savings

Achieved significant cost savings in training, hiring, and replacement processes, resulting in an annual bottom-line saving of 15-20%.

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Case Study

Team Unity: Guiding Conflict Resolution

This case study sheds light on the challenges faced and the effective strategies employed to foster team collaboration and resolve conflicts at a Fortune 500 FMCG giant.


  • Reinforce trust and communication between two inter-departmental teams.
  • Enhance both teams’ performance.

Our Solution

  • Implemented a 3-day program in collaboration with the functional heads and HR head.
  • This experiential learning program was used along with fireside chats.

Results Achieved

21% Surge in People Engagement

Transformed team dynamics through strengthened collaboration via outdoor activities, fostering heightened team cohesion and communication.

10% Attrition Reduction, 7% Production Increase

Successfully reduced attrition rates while simultaneously achieving a remarkable boost in overall production.

Innovative Recruitment Strategy

Introduced a joint recruitment approach, enhancing productivity and contributing to cost reduction by strategically aligning team resources.

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Case Study

Leadership Expedition: Navigating Corporate Challenges

This case study examines the dynamic strategies employed in navigating corporate challenges at a large management consulting firm. The primary challenge was in helping embed the capability to come up with solutions to complex challenges in the firm’s leadership and middle management.


  • Leadership skill enhancement: cultivate and enhance robust leadership skills among mid-level managers.
  • Problem-solving proficiency: equip managers with advanced problem-solving skills to effectively tackle and overcome complex business challenges.

Our Solution

  • Collaborative experiential learning program: teamed up with the client’s L&D and HR team. Successfully implemented an experiential learning program focused on enhancing the leadership capabilities of mid-level management.
  • Hands-on experiences and simulations: designed the program to offer practical, hands-on experiences. Utilised simulations and real-world scenarios to allow participants to apply leadership principles in dynamic and challenging environments.

Results Achieved

Enhanced Leadership Skills and Problem-Solving

Participants successfully addressed simulated business challenges, proposing innovative solutions that were later implemented. Feedback and self-reflection demonstrated significant improvements in leadership competencies, evident in enhanced performance evaluations.

Strengthened Team Collaboration and Tangible Business Impact

Outdoor retreats and team-building activities fostered increased team cohesion and communication. Action learning projects yielded measurable improvements in key performance indicators, reducing project meeting times by 30%, increasing team productivity by 25%, and improving Team Engagement scores on clarity of vision (to 65%) and engagement with clients (to 82%).

Elevated Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT scores experienced a substantial increase, rising from 7.5 to an impressive 9.2 out of 10, underlining the tangible and positive impact of the leadership expedition on customer satisfaction.

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Case Study

Helping a $5B Global Retail Conglomerate Attract and Retain Millennials and Existing Employees

A $5 billion global retail conglomerate, boasting an expansive network of 1800 stores, 3 mega warehouses, and a presence in 12 countries was having difficulties not only attracting but also retaining millennials. In addition, they also wanted to enhance their overall employee experience for their existing workforce.


  • Competency Modeling Overhaul: detailed assessments and customised job descriptions crafted for distinct sectors – retail, logistics, consumer services, and consulting organisations.
  • Tackling Attrition Challenges: addressing the organisation’s struggle in attracting and retaining millennials and existing employees.
  • New Employee Value Proposition (EVP): This was to ensure a more modernized and relevant EVP framework was discovered and put in place

Our Solution

  • Seintiv consultants conducted a thorough review of the existing EVP framework and competency model. Initiated a comprehensive updating exercise to align with current industry standards.
  • The updated competency framework was internally socialised, ensuring a collective understanding across the organisation.
  • Seamlessly integrated the refined competency framework with the overarching talent acquisition strategy.
  • Numerous EVP discovery workshops were conducted with diverse leadership and talent groups including millennial specific ones.

Results Achieved

Remarkable 60% Talent Attraction Surge

Achieved an impressive 60% increase in talent attraction, indicating a significant improvement in the organisation's appeal to prospective employees.

80% Attrition Reduction

Witnessed an outstanding 80% decline in attrition within the initial year, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in retaining existing talent.

Cost-Efficient Hiring

Successfully reduced hiring costs, demonstrating a more streamlined and cost-effective talent acquisition process.

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Case Study

Growing a Facilities Management Company by 10x in 5 Years

ABC Facilities Services, a major Facility Management Company, is looking for a remarkable 10x expansion and envisions a transformation to achieve this milestone. At the heart of their operation are their 22,000 employees spanning various locations and industries. They partnered with Seintiv to provide a comprehensive revamp of their current skills and capabilities to align with global standards of excellence and fulfill the business vision for growth and customer satisfaction.


  • Grow the company 10x in 5 years.
  • Give their 22,000-strong team a skills makeover.
  • Match global excellence standards and meet the demands of their growing business and customers.

Our Solution

  • Revamped HR processes for quick job description updates, improving hiring, training, performance, and succession planning.
  • Accelerated adaptability to changing role expectations.
  • Identified individuals for skill, technique, tool, and behavioural attribute upgrades.
  • Collaborated closely with HR and Leadership to align outcomes with Individual Development Plans (IDP).
  • Identified gaps for future successors.
  • Streamlined adaptability for career transitions and growth phases.

Results Achieved

Revolutionised HR for Global Excellence

Overhauled internal HR operations and systems to meet and exceed global benchmarks, ensuring a competitive edge in the industry.

Strategic Alignment with HRMS: A 35% Cost Win

Implemented internal process updates and seamlessly aligned them with HRMS, resulting in an impressive 35% reduction in overall HR costs.

20% Increase in Customer Delight

Optimised skill allocation to match job requirements, leading to a remarkable 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores and more efficient resource allocation.

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