Seintiv Career Advisory Services

Why Career Advisory Services?

CAS is the premier offering at Seintiv. We help with:

  • Supporting your career aspirations
  • Breaking all your career dilemmas
  • Showcasing your thought leadership through
    a wider global network

What can the Seintiv CAS team do for you?

Improve your capabilities and enhance your skills

Prepare you for the next level of conversations

Nurture and grow a successful career

Our career success plans will assist you in elevating your personal and professional outlook. Our plans are bespoke and aligned to your goals.

How Can We Help You?

Choose the option below that best describes you:

I'm Just Starting Out

I'm an individual looking to start a fresh career, looking for a development plan

I Want to Grow My Career

I want to develop my skills and grow/change my career with Seintiv

I Need to Grow My Org/Team

I'm looking for a dedicated partner to help grow in a team or organisation setting

The Steps to Success

Building your “Power Profile”

End-to-end services helping you navigate choices and techniques to strengthen your brand, and ensure your readiness for the next important conversation.

Navigating Choices - Career Counselling by Experts
Social Media Rebranding & Networking
Targeted Network Outreach and Digital Profiling
Leadership Assessments & Fine-Tuning
Preparation for the Next Conversation

What's Included?

Navigating Choices: Career Counselling by Experts

Seintiv’s pool of Experienced Executive Coaches & Industry Experts helps you navigate the right career choices. Seintiv will help you choose & connect with your coach based on your next dream role/career destination:

  • Identifying your career roadblocks
  • Validating your thoughts with dedicated time & efforts
  • Discussing & Framing your career choices
  • Providing Expert Guidance to ensure you connect & learn during the process
  • Recommended Reading Material to support your learning curve, building your thoughts.

We aim to be your digital partner to enhance your overall social impact. We build your profile to ensure the experience you carry reflects well on social media tools.

  • Rebuilding Image by establishing an impactful LinkedIn profile
  • Building Engagement by helping you publish content showcasing experience
  • Growing Followers and target audience for your global outreach
  • Recommendation on Global CXO forums, speaking opportunities, or groups
  • Introducing new upcoming social media tools to establish you as a thought leader

With our Global Network Outreach and deep industry knowledge, Seintiv is your advisor and trusted partner.

Seintiv will help in growing your network within targeted organizations.

  • Picking your target organizations & helping you build relevant connections for possible career prospects
  • Enabling relevant conversations & opportunities.

Building your Leadership Profile with:

  • Executive Bio, Video Introductions
  • SEO enriched profile
  • Social Media activities calendar (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) as per algorithm for visibility

Organizations globally prefer leaders with well-rounded attributes and use various tools as part of the selection process.

Experts advise you to take established (external) assessments & help you with course corrections.

  • Supporting you to assess reports & identify gaps
  • Growing strengths and advising on areas of improvement providing tools & techniques for mental well-being
  • Reinforcing positive thinking & thought leadership

Our Winning Approach

How we take you from where you are to where you want to be:

Executive Coaching

Learning Programs

Personal Branding

Career Advice

How Does It Work?

With a plethora of data and market insights, Seintiv aims to equip you with the most relevant information to win the next job’s prospects and conversation.

Seintiv will assist you to prepare for the next big step in your life:

  • Sharing insights on organizations
  • Role mapping & possible fitments
  • Details around global culture, career path, and opportunities
  • Preparing with mock interviews: interviewing techniques and DOs & DON’Ts
  • Post selection & offer closure guidance

What Clients are Saying


Seintiv helped us fill 60 vacant roles internally with zero hiring cost and boosted the morale of our young leaders.

“The co-creation and visualisation workshop with our ExCom leaders was very useful to create mutual alignment within leaders on the workforce of the future they were looking for. The coaching for our young leaders and CXOs gave them the career transition services to those unable to find a place in the new talent framework earlier!”
MENA-Based Large Fintech Client

Not sure where to begin? No problem! Our dedicated team of advisors is here to help.