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What We Do

Seintiv is your talent lens to this new world. With our complete coverage over 100% of the talent value chain, we are your answer to all your talent problems. Today’s business world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Talent scenarios are changing continuously.

In the last year alone…

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Global economy shrinkage*
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Businesses shut down due to the pandemic*

And in the near future…

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Businesses are at risk of closure*
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Jobs worth $8.5 trillion could face a serious talent crunch

You need the right business models, company structures, employee profiles, and leadership to stay ahead. The correct approach could mean the difference between losing your business and making it thrive.

How do you ensure that your talent is protected and future-ready?

With our vast network of global partners and years of experience, we help transform organisations from a place where they desperately react to change, to a position where they are equipped with the right talent to anticipate what the world could be like tomorrow, even when the odds are against them.

Top Talent Challenges Faced by CEOs

Today’s CEOs face unique challenges:

  • There always seems to be a severe talent crunch, despite there being sufficient talent supply
  • Typical jobs are not relevant any more to earning a living: people are looking for more
  • Leaders fail to deal with business crises during the pandemic and lack the skill sets to be future ready
  • Working from home is ever-more prevalent; it’s a necessity to be able to understand emotions and engage the workforce

Our unique Talent Lifecycle Management (TLCM) approach can help you protect your assets in this changing world.

The Seintiv Global Partner Network

Seintiv’s Global Partnerships ensure we stay current on our Talent Solutions for any part of the world, and we can infuse global best practices in our talent advisory.

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